Pearl Leung

Digital Marketing Coordinator

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Equal parts storyteller, news junkie, and advertising aficionado, Pearl spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book or a newspaper.

When she decided to pursue a degree in business, Pearl’s passion for writing naturally brought her into the marketing field. Studying in Waterloo, it was easy to immerse herself in the world of start-ups. She was quickly swept away by the excitement and energy that can only be found in innovation hubs.

The pieces started to come together when Pearl took her first steps into the working world. She realized that authors, journalists, and marketers alike have the ability to move people to laughter or tears, to make people think, and to inspire people to take action. No matter the medium, they are amplifying voices, uplifting communities, and effecting real change.

Pearl keeps that insight close to her heart. At the core of everything she does is a deep desire to help others and make a positive impact on the people around her. She is excited to be CSI’s social media and digital marketing go-to, sharing stories from the community and spreading the word about the amazing work we do.

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