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Pearl Leung

Pearl Leung

Digital Marketing Specialist

Pearl has always pursued opportunities that piqued her interest. After unexpectedly ending up in business school, she poured her time into volunteer writing, editing, and social media roles, which eventually bloomed into a passion for marketing and advertising.

Post-graduation, Pearl worked at a national health charity, and eventually found her way to CSI through — and no, you can’t make this up — a Facebook ad for her open position.

At CSI, Pearl puts together the organization’s weekly newsletter, manages the social media channels, and can often be found developing or executing a marketing plan for CSI’s events, programs, or membership. (P.S. If you’re a CSI Member who has asked us to promote your work, Pearl is your person!) 

She loves the people and the work: every day is different, and there is something to learn from every one of her colleagues. Outside of CSI, Pearl is what you would call a giant nerd. She has a deep-seated love for learning, and can always be found reading news articles, scrolling through marketing / advertising Twitter, or taking a course. An introvert at heart, she keeps a record of her days in a bullet journal, using it as both a creative outlet and an archive of precious memories.

Stories by Pearl Leung

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