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Pino Di Mascio

Board Director

Pino is the Head of Impact Strategy and Delivery at Dream, responsible for delivering measurable positive outcomes for specific social and environmental goals throughout the real estate company’s portfolio. Pino works to identify opportunities with external stakeholders and community partners to further advance Dream’s impact initiatives and broader community objectives. With over 25 years of experience in planning and development, Pino has led and shaped some of the most complex and impactful urban projects in Canada and beyond. Before Dream, he was at Sidewalk Labs, where he focused on assisting the development community to achieve better environmental and social outcomes through the use of urban innovations. Pino is a former Partner at Urban Strategies where he helped build one of the world’s leading urban planning and design firms.

Throughout his career, Pino has worked with numerous municipalities, developers, institutions, and public-sector landowners and agencies to leverage and manage significant land assets to achieve public policy objectives and maximize impacts. Pino has led numerous successful developments throughout the Greater Toronto Area and has shaped some of the City’s most important and impactful revitalization initiatives. Pino continues to volunteer for important initiatives and regularly looks for opportunities to mentor and work with young urbanists seeking to effect positive impacts. He has sat on the Board of the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust, helping to preserve and develop affordable housing and currently sits on the Board of the Centre for Social Innovation, helping to support social entrepreneurs who are defining and shaping the next economy. He is currently serving as a mentor with the Mentorship Initiative for Indigenous and Planners of Colour. Pino is Dream’s representative with the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and works with the World Bank’s Operating Principles for Impact Investment Secretariat to implement Dream’s Impact Management Framework