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Our Team » Rachel Wang

Rachel Wang

Event Staff

Rachel Wang is an environmental practitioner and community organizer with 10+ years of experience in building stakeholder relationships, strategic planning, and implementing intersectional approaches to meet climate targets. She has a background in fisheries and oceans management working in Solomon Islands and Canada with the World Wildlife Fund, ECO Canada, and the Pacific Peoples’ Partnership. Rachel is also the founding Executive Director of the Bike Brigade – a non-profit mobilizing 1500+ volunteers on bikes to deliver food and other essential supplies for mutual aid groups and food banks across Tkaronto.

Currently, Rachel is building Evoke Creatives ( – a global platform that connects environmental organizations with music artists. The purpose is to inspire environmental action in ways not achievable through conventional strategies like workshops, webinars, and peer-to-peer fundraising. Music artists are cultural producers and they play a critical role in responding to changes, creating new possibilities, and igniting meaningful change. Evoke Creatives is dedicated to reclaiming roots and embracing decolonial practices, where the convergence of cultural traditions and music fosters lifestyles and community norms that sustain our planet.