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Our Team » Sami Saeed M. Hassan
Sami Saeed M. Hassan Headshot

Sami Saeed M. Hassan

Leasing Manager

Sami deeply holds the belief in the power of teamwork, of being an active team member, helping each other, co-working, collaborating and cooperating. He thrives on helping others, obtaining his “operating” energy from being a member and part of a community. 

Sami opines that we should make the world a better place for all creatures to live in. He firmly believes that if everyone tries to do that in their small niches, then all our ecosystems will be running healthy. Sami loves animals, generally, and butterflies specifically, an interest that deepened during his postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge, UK. He learned that butterflies are charming creatures, colourful, beautiful, delicate and still mighty! They are so powerful that they can indicate to us how our global ecosystem is changing. Moreover, no one can ignore their vital role in pollination and sustaining the natural plants’ populations. 

Butterflies inspire Sami to be a valuable creature to help maintain the living environment, a motivation that was amplified when his journey with the CSI started in 2018; a journey that continues to aspire Sami to follow CSI’s vision of putting people and the planet first!!

As the Common Platform & Membership Coordinator, Sami thrives on ensuring smooth transitions for CSI Members into and out of Memberships and on and off the Common Platform. His role is all about understanding the needs of multiple teams related to individual memberships and helping to smooth the process for all involved.