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Our Team » Tara Marina Pearson
Tara Marina Pearson Headshot

Tara Marina Pearson

Community Manager

Tara obsessively reads recipes but rarely follows them. That’s not a metaphor – her cookbooks are evening reading material, but who has all the things you’re told you need to make something great in the kitchen? Sure, sometimes we need to borrow a cup of oats from a neighbour, but all recipes start with a gathering of potential. Add some knowledge and creativity and—BAM!—we’ve got something delicious!

Tara holds a degree from University of Toronto with majors in Theatre and Environmental Studies. Her education took her travelling to study ecological design and intentional communities before returning to facilitate environmental education programs across Ontario. At York University, Tara coordinated Maloca community garden while working on her Masters in Food Policy & Community Food Systems and spent two years working with the Toronto Food Policy Council and Toronto Youth Food Policy Council’s on city-wide projects connecting local food champions and community advocates.

At CSI Annex, Tara facilitates member experiences around social innovation, choreographs and collaborates with the DECA team, and provides hands-on operational efficiency for members to connect and achieve their daily goals. Tara has a soft spot for personal narrative as a powerful tool for social change, and (not-so-secretly) thinks everyone has a meal they make that tells you way more about them than a bio ever could.