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Thomas Finlayson

Facilities Technician

Thomas. Thom. Either or. He’ll answer to both, but he’ll write the abbreviated version with an H because that’s how it’s spelled. Anyway, Thom joined CSI as member of the Annex DECA crew back in May of 2019. Coming from a life working in Toronto’s film and television industry as an assistant director and production coordinator he quickly fell back into his routine as a freelance contractor, helping CSI’s Team Tangible, 720 and SP on a number of maintenance and upgrade projects. During the summer and fall of 2019 you may have seen him running around the Annex and Spadina locations with a paint brush and roller. These days he does less painting and more helping to make sure the building your working in works for you. In his personal time he can be found on the orange couches on the second floor of the Annex, working on his writing. Or he might be cycling or pretending to be a gym rat. If he’s not there he’s likely hanging out in the east end of town (the east slopes of Riverdale Park, probably) or has made his way even further east to get in some real sailing while making sure his hometown of Halifax is getting by alright without him.
Disclaimer: he is not being sarcastic or dismissive when he asks you if the appliance you are certain suddenly broke is plugged in.