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Zainab Khan

Impact Measurement and Data Manager, Adopting Common Measures

Zainab was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and has otherwise spent time living in New York, India and of course Toronto! Following a quarter life existential crisis 😊 she found herself wanting to do something more meaningful.

As a former international tax strategist and a short stint as an investment banker, she didn’t have a plan on how she was going to accomplish this. Following a couple of entrepreneurial projects in India, and some time at the innovative impact measurement standards developer Common Approach, she now finds herself privileged and lucky to be at CSI. She is excited to combine her business skills and passions for data, impact, and complexity science, to strengthen the social enterprise landscape, as a way of supporting healthy society in Canada, in line with UN Agenda 2030. She has a tech-positive vision for humanity and is committed to contributing to solutions. She prefers leading with her technical and analytical strengths, but knows impact is nothing without the lived experience!

In her free time, she likes to study mathematics, cognitive science, information theory, philosophy etc. (the more abstract the better), and her happy place is the library, museum or the art gallery. She is also a practicing Sufi, and enjoys the practice of bringing virtue, intelligence, and honesty, to her day-to-day interactions.

She is a proud UofT (undergrad), Laurier (grad) and Columbia (MBA) alum. (She wants to give a quick shoutout to two forward thinking edtech platforms, Coursera where she continues to actively take courses…29 and counting!, as well as VIPKid where she herself taught young Chinese children language arts).

The cause closest to her heart is education, Carl Sagan may have said we are star-stuff, but she likes to think education is the gateway to actually realizing this stuff… from specks of sand we rise! She draws inspiration from children – especially the ones yet to come – of our future.